Can't import meshes because Studio thinks I'm logged out (I'm not)

I can’t import a mesh into a MeshPart. Studio keeps saying I need to be logged in though clearly I am logged in… is the use of studio while logged out even possible??

To reproduce you just need to insert a mesh part, try setting the mesh ID then it won’t work. I have tried logging out and back in, and I am using studio version 0.425.0.394331


I have failed to reproduce this bug.
Maybe it’s a problem with your internet connection?
Try turning your internet connection on and off.

If that doesn’t work, try logging back in and out of your account via Roblox Studio.
Hope this helps!

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Happens to me ALL the time. (Mainly when I’m working on a group game’. Try Going into studio, re-logging in then click on a PRE-MADE that you created on the ROBLOX website!

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This seems to be a recurring issue with Studio.

Studio will randomly log me out in this manner if I leave Studio in the background for too long, or if I’m simply in Studio for too long.

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OP and everyone replying having the same problem, please provide log files (privately as per the instructions) as required by the bug report guidelines. Engineers currently have literally nothing to use to investigate the issue you’re experiencing.

You should also be writing more descriptive titles than “Can’t import meshes”. :\