Can't insert more items in a ScrollingFrame with UIListLayout

I have this ScrollingFrame used for game documentation. I need it flexible to fit in all devices, so I use Scale (and not Offset) for everything. It consists of 2 separate frames (columns): left and right.
I have no more room to insert newlines:

So, I need to increase the CanvasSize.Y of ScrollingFrame. But doing this, the TextLabel heights are increasing, since the all Size.Y are set Scale = 0.05.

However, following this post, inserting a UIAspectRatioConstraint, I get different TextLabel heights in each column:

Here the current project:

Baseplate.rbxl (27.2 KB)

How can I insert more items in a ScrollingFrame with UIListLayout, using Scale?


According to the post you linked, the aspect ratio constraint goes inside each element in the list. As I have done this before, you need to tinker with the values of the constraint. I recommend using ZacBytes AutoScale Lite, with the Add Constraint button.

Yeah, but, if you downloaded the file that I put in the attachment and tested it, you would see that it doesn’t work.
Thanks anyway.

Like I said, it should be under each child of the scrolling frame. The values must be tinkered to get what you want.

I’ve done it for you in the file below:
ScrollingFix.rbxl (27.6 KB)

Take a look at the file and look at the UIAspectRatioConstraint elements.

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Now I understand the logic. Although very laborious, it works.
Thank you!

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