Can't join any roblox games on any device/account

(I’m aware that this is likely the wrong category but I can’t post in the bug reports one).

Every time I try to join a Roblox game from any device or account it says ‘Connection Error - Sorry there was a problem reaching our servers, please try again’, but I can’t click the Retry button. I tried re-installing Roblox and deleting all the related files but it still happens. I also tried it on other devices and I have the same issue. I even tried using a VPN and it still happened.

I tried to contact Roblox support but all they said was that they are working to ensure the issue is resolved but didn’t give any time frame or additional information. I have seen other people who have experienced this issue months ago so it doesn’t seem like it’s a priority for them to resolve it?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Resolved - I had to re-activate a banned alt.

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I experience the same thing, but I was on an alt that is currently deleted. I am not sure how would I be able to play Roblox practically again, even after trying some of the same things except the VPN due to me not having one.

They said they’re aware of the issue it so hopefully it will be fixed soon. Maybe you could try appealing the deletion? And specify that as a reason.