Can't join game?

I’ve got my settings so anyone can join me.

However, when my friends & people watch our stream try to join it always tells them I’m on the website rather than in-game, and my friends who try to join me it tells them I’ve left the game or on the website while I’m in-game. I’ve tried this on multiple accounts and it keeps doing the same thing so I’m stuck on what the solution could be.

Any suggestions?

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Put this under web bugs :wink:

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I’ve changed it.


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I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact that their presence in game doesn’t update constantly, if they load a different page while in game (or if they have an extension loading stuff in the background) it resets to website.

Edit:What bugs me is that if their presence is set to website, it’ll tell you they’ve left the game regardless if they have or not. (Clicking play on the game’s page will still automatically put you in their server if you’re on their friends list though)

Yeah, I can definitely say this is annoying, it says users are online, but not in game.

I’ve tried multiple accounts and the same error is occurring. Users in game not showing correctly

Has anyone got any feedback they can give me on this?

Here’s something to try: log out of all sessions through settings on the website, then log out of your current one (both in your browser and in Studio), and then log in again? It might be due to competing sessions, but I’m honestly not sure if it’ll help (it’s just a suggestion).

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I’ve tried this and it still says I am on website. :confused:

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