Can't join private servers on android

Roblox App
Phone used: Moto X Play

Clicking “Join” on a game’s private server will bring you to this link:
www/games/start?placeid=162537373&accessCode=[whatever string]

It’s missing some stuff at the start of the URL or something. Just gives an error.


This is still a problem up until today and is apparent on iPad and iPhone as well. Is there any plans for this to be fixed?

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Sorry for the multi year bump but this is a large issue that is still not resolved on Android. I’ve heard it’s fixed on IOS but from my extensive testing on multiple android devices/browsers it is not fixed on Android.
This is what happens every time:
From any browser

From app (Latest Android Version)

I’d appreciate it if this could be resolved on Android as it would really benefit the loads of Android players.

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Alright, I’m happy to report that private server links FINALLY work on Android :tada:! Thanks Roblox, I’m very glad to see this fixed after many, many years.

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Motorola Gang!

This got fixed, you can finally join private servers on Android!