Can't Like/Dislike games

(OUTDATED) Video of the bug: Cannot Like/Dislike Games | Roblox Bug Report - YouTube


Why would you want to dislike games to be honest I rarely use the like and dislike.

I only use the like feature or favorite and games I don’t like I don’t vote on.

I mostly find people who just rage and want to cause loads of drama dislike games and get bots to do it.

I only really use the dislike feature to target scam games, and the like button to combat poor ratings on a game that actually deserves a chance to get noticed. However that’s not the point, the point is that I can’t use the feature.


The same thing has been happening to two of my friends! It is very strange…


Have you tried using a different browser? I don’t know if it would make any difference in this situation, but when I use Chrome Roblox doesn’t work well on it.


I’ve done it in a private mode on my account and off my account, on my alt it worked, my main didn’t.


Just a small update, this issue is still relevant, and it seems to have grown. I plan to submit a bug report, sometime soon, however, I’m pretty busy, and I don’t have access to #bug-reports, if anyone could do that for us, that would be amazing!

I’m deeply saddened that Roblox hasn’t fixed this issue yet, there are over 33 people on the video comments that have the same issue, and to have this bug fixed, would be cool!


Thanks for the support, I have opened a new board filled with details about this issue. I’m hoping support will review it and move it to #bug-reports:website-bugs

If you would like to view the topic or contribute any other information, that would help! ^-^