Can't log into all number username accounts

Reproduction Steps
As you can no longer create all-number accounts, you must of already created one in the past to reproduce this issue.

  • Go to the Login to ROBLOX page.
  • Put in the account information

Expected Behavior
You’re supposed to be logged in to the ROBLOX account.

Actual Behavior
Due to ROBLOX auto-moderation, it sees the account you’re trying to log into as “not appropriate for roblox”.
So it doesn’t let you log into the account and shows the error: “Something went wrong. Please login with your username.”

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL:
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly

Extra Information
If the site prompts you to do a captcha when logging into one of these accounts on completion of the captcha it will say your account login information is wrong all together.


This is a pretty major problem, which I deal with too. I’ve dealt with this for almost 3 weeks. I have an alt that’s an all number account, and i’ve lost access to it ages ago. I originally just thought it got password guessed and stolen, so i didn’t really care all too much, but seeing this clearly means i was wrong.

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