Can't log into studio


i can’t log into studio!

i tried reïnstalling and logging into other accounts, but its keep giving me these errors


If you’re meaning to say that you can’t login to Studio at school, they most likely blocked access to it. So, most people either use a VPN or their mobile data to get in instead.

Also, it’s posted in the wrong category.

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i meant studio and it gives this error

Hi NickV535,

Sorry that you are experience this.

  1. Which version of Studio are you using?
  2. Can you successfully login with the “Login via Browser” option
  3. Also could you provide the log please?

Thank you

i reïnstalled it so i think its the newest version
when i try login via browser it takes me to the browser and you can log in. but then after you logged in it doesnt log into roblox studio and gives this error again

i also couldnt find any logs about it

i shut down my internet and connected it again, and now it randomly works.

hope this never happens again.


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