Can't look around in First Person

Basically, I attached the cameras CFrame to the head, in doing so it makes a pretty cool camera system. Also in doing so, I now can’t look around using my mouse, the only way I can “look” around is using the A, S and D keys. I was wondering if it would be possible to look around normally using my mouse. I can’t even hold right click to look around but I just want it to where my character looks around with my mouse without holding right click. I also tried using shift lock but it spazzes out. I’ve already tried changing the CameraType to Custom, using LockedFirstPerson, etc.

local runService = game:GetService("RunService")
local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
local character = script.Parent
local head = character:WaitForChild("Head")
local torso = character:WaitForChild("Torso")

camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable

head.LocalTransparencyModifier = 1
torso.LocalTransparencyModifier = 1
camera.FieldOfView = 120

	camera.CFrame = head.CFrame

I think you’ll need to change the humanoid’s camera offset for that, cuz ur setting the current camera type to scriptable (just a guess)

You’ll have to write your own camera system for that, the reason you can’t look around is because you’re setting the CFrame of the camera to the CFrame of the head which overrides the code to make your camera look around.