Cant make an fps framework for my game

i want to make an fps framework but the cam locker plugin doesnt work and after using the bone edit plugin or whatever and after exporting to blender the gun doesnt staf attached to the hand.

im tired of trying to find videos on youtube.

i also dont want to copy and paste something into my game i want my own
can someone actauly show me how to make an fps framework that works?!

i just want to make some gun animations in blender

this might help


exactly what ive been tryig it doesnt work

If you want to make a FPS framework, I highly suggest you start with the scripting part, not making animations. It’s usually a good idea to start with the hardest parts first. FPS framework is something very complex so you must first make sure you’re able to handle that.

i dont knowhow to script nor do you need it to make the frame work ive bought allthe yt tutorials you dont need code you just a decent video (witch youtube will never have)

You won’t be able to make an entire FPS framework only by ripping code off youtube. If you cannot script, you need to learn or you won’t be able to script anything that isn’t just copypasting code from tutorials, especially an entire gun system.

i dont use other ppls code
i dont need some virus like i said i just want some gun animations