Cant make realistic cars

How can i make a realistic car, I ever that i try make a realistic car this happens


look polygonal, like jailbreak or some
and if i try smooth it, looks weird

I know its a stupid error from beginners, however, ive searching the answer durantly days, and theres nothing at youtube or some, and its impossible for me to know how can i make that, I made car the less polygonal possible but when i try to smooth it, it also looks weird, in this case are a example of a blueprint, but please, if you know how to help me, say me it.

Help appreciated :sweat:

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I’m guessing you’re using something like Blender?
Try selecting an edge(s), clicking the Edge menu, and select “Mark Sharp” for edges that you want to appear as sharp.
Also your side windows look a bit small, try decreasing the ‘A’ pillar size and the amount the roof comes into the window.


If you notice cars in Jailbreak are also kind of polygonal, no need to worry about that!

It’s quite simple, most of the time all meshes look better with texturing, might look kind of weird plain like that but with the right texturing it’s gonna look awesome (great mesh by the way :slightly_smiling_face: )


Wow, it look sharper, thankssss!

In blender you can use a feature called, “Auto Smooth”. This will make sure the curves are nice and sharp, while hiding the polygons. You can do so by going to object data > normals > auto smooth.

(You can also see the difference in the video from Shade Smooth to Auto Smooth)

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now try using surfaceappearance

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Nice car mesh btw, looks really cool!

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