Can't move using keyboard if you have a controller plugged in

I’ve been getting this bug for a while, when I spawn in to any game I cannot move at all with my keyboard if I have my controller plugged in. I can move with my controller. If I reset I am then able to use both my controller and my keyboard, but it’s annoying and took me a while to realise that it was due to having a controller plugged in, which I use a lot for testing.

More info:
OS: Windows 10 - been happening through multiple updates
Controller: XBOX One controller wired USB (an official one)

Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything if I’ve missed detail here.

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This does not happen to me, I can move around with my wired xbox controller and then use WSAD with no issues. In both a live game and studio.

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I’m assuming you mean immediately on first spawn when joining a game?

Yes, under any circumstance in a game I am able to use both.

That is weird, maybe it is unique to me then…

For what it’s worth, I am using an off-brand controller however I can’t imagine Roblox detects them any different than a Microsoft branded controller.

I can’t think of any reason that would make this happen for one user and not another, so maybe it is worth staff investigating!

Thanks, I’ve been getting this too but haven’t had the time to post it! Super annoying, thanks for clarifying exactly what the issue is.

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Apologies for the necrobump, but this bug is back.

It appears to occur if the player’s variable “CharacterAutoLoads” is set to false.

If the client sends a network event to a RemoteEvent to Load their character in on the server, you’re unable to move - if you use the gamepad to Spawn in, using the mouse on the other hand is fine - and you’re able to move around with both gamepad and Mouse / Keyboard. You’re still able to jump, but walking is not possible.

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This is annoying, I also had the same problems as you, looking for the Problem and couldn’t find it.

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