Can't move while first joining a game, have to reset character to move

Joining games can often result to me being frozen (can still jump), resetting once fixes it normally or multiple resets.

Happens about ~80% of the time with joining games. Almost always happens at this game.

Started noticing in the past week, though I’ve only really started playing again since like a 6-7 months break, so could’ve begun much earlier.

Using R15 character and windows 10.

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Do you happen to have a controller or other input device that you are not using plugged in when this happens? I do not experience this issue at the place you linked, nor have I ever experienced this issue.


Been happening to me for longer, I have controllers plugged in all the time. This post is a probably duplicate, so here’s the original: Can’t move using keyboard if you have a controller plugged in

known bug

it’s because you have a controller plugged in and there’s a bug with the controlscripts

by the way, to fix this in the meantime while you’re playing, just press esc/f9 twice. merely entering/exiting a coregui will give back control - you don’t have to reset


Ah. I use a PS3 controller quite a bit, so I have a hacky system of making it work. Seems like the system stays activated while it’s not plugged in.

Thanks for the help guys.

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