Can't open roblox studio

I can’t open roblox studio. It keeps giving me this error message.

I have tried reinstalling , changing it to previous versions , and DNS resolve but nothing worked.
How do i solve this ?

I had the same issue a few days ago, I don’t remember what I did to solve this but try restarting your pc or restart roblox studio. Meybe it will solve the issue.

Roblox is currently experiencing issues, their engineers are working hard on fixing it. Some people experience trouble with roblox studio and not able to start Roblox Studio up may be one of them.

oh, so it is an issue of roblox ?

Yeah, I believe so. Timeout is either a problem on a server level or just your internet connection. Sometimes its a different reason but can’t think of one.

I am having issues, not with studio, but with the player client. Status.Roblox says nothing about any of this. I just built a brand new PC and cannot get games to run on it, but studio runs fine. And games run fine on my old PC. The launcher barely even tries to start.

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