Can't play an audio and upload it(2022)

Ok if I am in the wrong category please tell me :slight_smile:

Ok so I saw that uploading audio was free so I got a mp3 file of some music and I tried to upload it from roblox but for some strange reason it won’t play the music and when I get the id of the music it says :arrow_forward: [ACTION ITEM] Universe doesn’t have permissions for Sound asset: 9172739064. Click here to grant Universe permission to asset. (x2). So I then get taken to this message so see if I want to allow this music, I allow it and when I try to play the music it pop-ups the same message. If you want to see this for yourself here is the song id: rbxassetid://9172739064. Can you guys help me fix this? If there is another topic about this please tell me.

Try going to the actual audio asset you own, click “Configure”, and then check if your Universe ID is actually added there in the “Shared” tab. If it’s not, you can simply input the universeId and it will add itself. This is a new update and I haven’t really investigated it too much so I’m unsure why this is happening, but if it makes you feel better you aren’t the only one. My theory is that for whatever reason, Roblox is unable to give permissions for your universeId despite you owning the asset. Manually adding your UniverseId should help you out. If you’re not sure how to get the UniverseId, let me know and I can teach you (it is different from the PlaceId).

I am actually getting a place id, not the universal id, but thank you for the information. You just saved my roblox career :slight_smile:


I’m confused what you’re saying here - are you saying that you’re attempting to input a PlaceId into the “shared” tab? If so, that won’t exactly work. Roblox only allows for UniverseIds to be inputted there, not PlaceIds.

All I am doing is just to find a way for my music to play, nothing else, not even sharing it. Sorry for the understanding problem, I am young so I am not the best at this