Can't play any Roblox game. Error Code: 268


Today at 13:29 PM (EEST), I was playing a Roblox game and I suddenly got kicked for “unexpected client behavior.”. Making me unable to join ANY Roblox game.

Game I was playing:

Games I tried joining:

Image with error message:

I have tried doing the following things:

  • Rejoining the game and also joining other games;
  • Joining games on different accounts;
  • Tried joining a game through the Microsoft Roblox Launcher AND through my phone on a different account;
  • Restarting Roblox;
  • Switching my WI-FI Network Connection.

And I am still having trouble joining any game. What’s causing this issue?

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EDIT: 7/1/2023

I have found out that this issue was caused by me frequently server hopping between an experience’s places (Specifically joining new servers every 30 seconds), and once I’ve done enough times, I kept getting kicked for unexpected client behavior until an hour passed, I could join any experience again.

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