Can't publish in Studio because packages fail to auto-update

I recently started using packages to keep my scripts synchronized.
But found that about 80% of the time, when I publish a change to a script, the package links fail to auto-update. Unfortunately, I can’t publish my place until all packages are up to date. So I either have to delete all out-of-date package links, or save my place to the disk.

Here is an image of a typical package I would like to update:
Studio Error 4
After publishing some changes, the package links stay gray, never turning blue. After a few seconds, I get this error in the console:
Studio Error 2
Then this shows up at the bottom:
Studio Error 3
And finally, when I try to publish, I get this message:
Studio Error 1
This happens so frequently that packages are more of a hassle than a help.

Occasionally, the only package that fails to auto-update is the one that I published the changes from.

I would recommend updating packages in the local (offline) studio session immediately without having to go through the Internet first. (That would also make offline package updating feasible.)

Some relevant specs:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
  • Studio 0.429.2.404265 (64-bit)
  • My Internet download speed is just fine

I’ve also been noticing this happening for me with using Windows 10 (64-bit)

Now it looks like all of the package links are up to date (they are all blue), but it still won’t let me publish.

If it continues to not letting u publish, if you can “Save It” try re-installing studio, that is how I fixed the error around a month ago. But it might not always work doing a “Re-Install”

Then if you do re-install it, load back into studio, and then try to publish it.

I can confirm, this is happening to me too! Packages for me become corrupted and not use-able and they fail to publish, or get latest.

Happens to me too, happened for a while for me, but I found a workaround, but it needed you to save the place locally and reopen it then save online.