Can't publish my script

It keeps saying this, how can I fix it?


it may be that If studio is not allowing you to Commit the draft, it usually means that your script was deleted. You are still able to open the script using open draft, however, you would have to create a new script if it was deleted and paste the contents of the draft inside of the new script.

This is what I all know about this question.

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Okay but how can I know which is script was deleted?

You can’t find the script in the explorer search bar, if you remember the name of it of course.

You must go to the View Section on Roblox Studio and then click drafts, there you’ll see all the scripts you have made changes to.Right click and click commit to commit the changes and then you should publish to Roblox . This will probably fix your issue.

Just correcting, you should highlight View Section instead of Roblox and change “tho” to “to”.

oops i will correct it.Thanks for reminding me.

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You can tell which drafts belong to a deleted script by an icon to the left of the name, scripts that are still in the game won’t hae that icon, you can check which ones are deleted by the icon and just remove the draft for those scripts which should allow you to commit all/publish

Thanks brothers and sisters it works now!