Cant put game name to 'Scenery Driving'

I basically want to keep the game name to ‘Scenery Driving’.

I tried keeping the game name to ‘Scenery Driving’ but it shows that the game did not go through the Roblox moderation

I tried altering the game name a bit, but can’t figure out the issue.

As I was working on a game, I decided to change its name to ‘Scenery Driving’, but apparently the word ‘Scenery’ is inappropriate for Roblox. I just think it is a bug in the Roblox moderation system. Is there a way to include the following word in the game name? It is suppose to be very important for the game name.
Here is the SS

I don’t know what topic to put this in, I thought that this would be the best option. If you know what topic to put this in please tell.

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You can try a synonym of scenery

Then maybe try scenery again since roblox moderation often changes their mind.


Thanks for the help, I came up with a new name.

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