Can't redeem points in research panel

Cannot redeem points in the Research panel.


  1. Research panel points page
  2. Open any award
  3. Click the claim button on the reward page.
  4. Claim button opens a new tab and redirects to this url:
  5. After this redirect, the reward page opens again.

If you do the same thing again from the reward page that opens, it will happen again and redirect you to the reward page again.

I added a video to the staff section.

A private message is associated with this bug report


Ok, so this is only a problem sometimes apparently, just try again every day and at some point it will work. I just redeemed it today, after it was bugged for like 4 days. Same thing happened in the past too.

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I tried it again now, and it works. :+1:

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yo, i got a response from my report saying that the bug is fixed

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