Can't renew my Builders Club


Hello there,

My 1 year OBC just expired yesterday and I want to renew it but it is not showing up in my email or paypal. I sent a email to but I don’t know how fast they respond and I am hoping maybe there is an alternative solution?


So it said it was going to auto renew but I have received nothing and it will not let me cancel it.

And when I go to the page to see if I can just buy it again, it appears faded.

If anyone can help me with this problem please let me know so I can get my OBC back.


Is the credit card still valid that you used to purchase it?


No my mom lost it so we had to go cancel it and get another one.


So it will not let you press join builders club or cancel renewal?


Nope and nope.


Have you tried using the mobile app and purchasing it that way? or another browser?


I have not. I’ll give mobile a try


Try mobile its worth a try.


Lol. I just got the “Want to Renew” Notification and now the Builder’s Club page is unlocked. Just renewed. Thanks for your help though.


No problem. :slight_smile: