Can't reply to topics in discussion but can create new ones

Hello. Recently I ran into an issue: I’m a new member, and in #discussion, I can view posts and I can’t reply to them, which is fine. The thing is that I can create new topics there. :swag:
If it had to be like this, what’s the point in creating topics you can’t reply to? Administrators should either not allow new members to create new topics there, or allow us to reply to existing ones.


I think you’re a bit confused there because new members do have the ability to reply to their own topics, as shown in the link above.

The #discussion category is restricted to full members to preserve the current quality of posts. This has already been brought up in other places on the forum, here are the links to those topics in case you haven’t seen them already.


You can create replies, but you will have to message post_approval and ask them if they could move your post onto the discussion.

Same for the topics, you can create a topic but, it will go into post approval and not on discussions.

And just to clarify you cannot make topics or posts in #discussion without them going into post approval.


I’m pretty sure you can’t create any topic in #discussion. You might be confused



The new post approval plugin lets you create threads for Discussion and other restricted categories the normal way, with them automatically being submitted for approval upon clicking “Create Topic.”


Anyone can create new topics directly in Discussion, however, if you have the New Member trust level then your topic will be intercepted and forwarded to the Community Post Approval team. Your post is then reviewed by the team and accepted into Discussion once (if) they approve it.

Members can reply anywhere in Discussion. New Members can only reply on their own topics in Discussion, not ones authored by others

If you are a New Member and need to reply to a Discussion topic authored by someone else, you can view the forum rules on how you can request to reply to it.


However, sending a message to post approval team is quite confusing for new members. I think it would be better to show “reply” button which would function normally until you click “reply”, which would send the message to post approval team.


We already have the functionality to do that, but we think it would lead to way too many requests in the PA inbox so we are not enabling that right now. Having to figure out how to post a reply to a topic as a new member is a good deterrent.


Solved, Members (TL1) can now post freely in Discussion without post approval:

We tried this on Discussion as part of the experiment described in the linked post above, and we will probably add it to other categories too that currently have restricted replies.

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