Cant rotate custom over the shoulder camera when cursor hovering over proximityprompt

I have created a custom over the shoulder camera script. It works completely fine, until you hover the cursor/mouse over a proximityprompt. Then its just impossible to rotate the camera.

I have tried setting the proximityprompts ClickablePrompt property to false and that fixes it.

But I’d really like to make the promps clickable. How would I go about it and what is the problem? Why is the prompt stopping the cursor from moving?
Normally I would dig in to this a bit more, but Im new to custom camera scripts so Im seeking help from devforum. Thanks in advance!:slight_smile:

Maybe try making your own prompt system. ProximityPrompts are really weird for me when I use them.
(probably just my game code or somthing)

Yea, might have to if thats what I want. Although I like the proximity prompts. I think I’ll just have to settle with a non clickable prompt.