Can't See Bookmarks When Searching with Colons

I was using the Search Bookmarks feature on the bookmarks page, and when I tried searching a term, I noticed it didn’t fit any of the titles, so I tried to use the in:title search feature, but then it prevented me from seeing my bookmarks, even if I refreshed the page. (I had to delete the search query at the end of the link, since it saves what you search).
Before Search:

After Search (“You do not have permission to view this person’s bookmarks”):

Reproduction steps: Go to your profile on the devforum and go to the bookmarks tab. Now, put a colon literally anywhere in your search term in your bookmark search bar at the top. Congratulations! You are now banned from viewing your bookmarks on your browser until you clear the search term in the link :partying_face:

Expected Behavior
Using colons in your search would not prevent you from viewing your own bookmarks.
Additionally, being able to use standard devforum search filters such as ‘in:title’ or ‘in:personal’ would be helpful when finding specific posts. This could also include using # to specify the category, such as when searching for bookmarks only in ‘#development-discussion’ or only looking at ‘#resources:community-tutorials’ you have bookmarked.


Hey, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Would you mind sharing what your expected behavior is?

No problem, I’ve updated my post to include my expected behavior.