Can't Select or Manipulate Parts in 3D Space

I wasn’t in studio that often, so I can’t pinpoint exactly when this started happening, but I first encountered this bug yesterday, but only briefly. Today, it’s all I am welcomed to when I open studio.

Basically, I can’t physically select parts by clicking on the 3D objects in workspace, nor can I manipulate them with the dragger tools (the handles don’t show up). I can select and manipulate them from the explorer and properties window though, but that is not ideal lol. Plugins that create dragger tools work still, and are my only workaround until I can figure out a solution or this bug is fixed.

It might be important to note that I originally had the beta dragger tools enabled, which doesn’t show up in the beta features window anymore.


Same exact glitch. Can’t see the arrows when selecting move, circles when scaling, rings when rotating.
Solve this by closing and reopening Studio.

Turns out this thread is a duplicate; lock pls

Reopening studio does not fix this for me, no plugins are enabled and even reinstalling does not work. This is really killing my motivation. Hopefully the cause can be found quick.

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