Can't sell 3D accessory

I have made a 3D accessory (a hat) which I’m trying to sell. I’ve made the asset with Asset Creator plugin and uploaded to Roblox Marketplace, however I cannot sell it, I can write the description but I cannot put the price anywhere… I’m verified user on website, but in the Roblox Studio on my Creations it says that I’m not!!! I verified a month ago, so it’s not a sync thing…

any ideas? There is anything that I’m missing?


You can not put prices on models, audios, and images. The only library asset that supports prices are plugins as far as I am aware.

There are tons of hats on sale on the Roblox market!!

The library is different from the marketplace/catalog/avatar shop. You must be a UGC creator to upload items for your avatar.

So to sell accesories to the roblox marketplace I have to be a member of the UGC?

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Yes, you must be invited to the UGC program by none other than… Roblox!
Currently you’re pretty unknown so right now you cant upload any hats to the Catalog.

The Library is where models, decals, plugins, audios, etc are located at.

The Catalog can only be uploaded to by either Roblox the account or a UGC creator.

If you have anymore questions please ask me.

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Would you be willing to send me a photo of the hat you made though?

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Have I chances to be accepted on the UGC with just 1 creation (yet)?

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