Can't send friend requests to pending friends in-game

Sending friend requests in a game won’t work if you already have a friend request sent to the user you’re attempting to add on the website. From what I can see, this bug happens 100% of the time.

Steps to reproduce:
-Send a friend request to a user on the Roblox site
-Follow the user you added into a game
-Attempt to send the user you just added on the site in-game through the player list or esc menu
-The friend request won’t send

This bug occurs on the main site, and doesn’t seem to be specific to any particular game.

Why exactly is the expected behavior the ability to send more than one friend request?

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It’s that sending an in-game friend request isn’t supposed to be made impossible just because the user you’re trying to send a friend request to in-game already has one on the site. It used to be possible to send them still in-game, but this stopped at some point and I’m not sure when.

You still have all the ‘add friend’ buttons in-game, but they don’t do anything or even change when you click them. Seems like you’re still supposed to be able to add people in-game given all that, but the buttons just don’t do anything due to this bug.

Friend requests are capped at 1 at a time, this seems entirely the intended behavior. At most removing the button to send one if one is already sent is an option.

Also since it is about an in-game feature I reckon it is a #bug-reports:client-bugs category.

The expected behavior isn’t to send a second friend request on the site. It’s to still send an in-game request.

Client bugs is what I filed it for. I can’t directly post due to only being upcoming developer trust level. However, due to this probably being a bug that occurs on the web causing the behavior in-game, EchoReaper accepted it as a web bug which makes sense to me.

If you send a friend request in-game it appears on-site though, they are not different to my knowledge and thus mutually exclusive.

Also odd how your trust level prevents a particular category within the bug section from being posted to, that seems merely inconvenient without any real purpose.

Yeah, but the point is that it’s not very user friendly to disable the ability to send an in-game friend request if the user already received one on the site from you. How it used to be (before this bug) and should be is that it won’t send another one on the site, but will send another one in the game.

Upcoming developers can’t post anywhere in bug reports. We can get bug reports and feature requests manually approved and moved from the bulletin board.

Well, given that a friend request in-game does do the same as on-site just with different visuals, I say it should be disabled from sending in-game if one is sent on-site to prevent users from sending endless friend requests rather than having in-game as some kind of ‘reminder’ of the one already sent on-site. One friend request at a time, be it on-site or not.

Ah that does make more sense, thanks for clarifying that.