Can't set mouse sensitivity to native level

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems as though it’s impossible for me to set the mouse sensitivity in the client to the same level that it’s set to on my desktop normally. Which is, to put it mildly… extremely annoying and a huge usability problem for any GUI based game. I can set it close to what it should be, but when it comes to mouse sensitivity, “close” is not nearly good enough.

Please add some way to set the mouse sensitivity to the native sensitivity.


Yeah I really hate the sensitivity system currently used by roblox :confused:

Good-ish news then. The new input handling system should fix this. Likewise, my hack week “advanced mouse sensitivity” changes will also partially fix this in the event it is released before the new input handling system has all the bugs worked out. The main difference of my changes applied to the existing input handling is that mouse accel will be missing.

It isn’t clear when either will be fully functional, ideally within the next few weeks as the code for the new input handling is there, but crashes some users. My changes are mostly there, but require a bugfix that should be released this week.


Thanks. Happy to hear that the problem is actively being tackled.

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