Can't sponsor new 17+ games at all?

When trying to sponsor the game, even though I selected only 17+ to view the sponsor (since the game is only for 17+), it says “internal server error”. I would understand if it would error if i selected another age group, but is this a bug or intentional? Because how are we supposed to get any 17+ games known if we can’t even sponsor them to get a starting audience?


Expected behavior

It should just set the sponsor normally like any other, maybe erroring if you don’t select the 17+ age group for a 17+ game, but other than that it should work as normal.

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Can confirming. Happening to me aswell.

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Hi @Crackop, thank you for the feedback. We currently don’t allow 17+ experiences to purchase ads in accordance with our advertising policies. We will consider this feedback for future iterations

Yea :confused: hopefully it gets fixed soon

Alright, good to know. Thanks for responding. I do think we need one way or another to set sponsors or ads for 17+ games, because or else the sort becomes almost impossible to get any players whatsoever to see your game let alone start playing it :confused: so anyone who spends time working on a 17+ game will just waste their time and money


Glad I found this topic, ran into the same issue. It should probably make it clear somewhere that you can’t advertise the 17+ experience instead of the “Internal server error” which is confusing. It’s odd you can advertise to 17+ but not for the same age group experience. Hopefully Roblox can change that in the future since restricting ads to 17+ to match the experience 17+ experience seems like a no-brainer, but I know somewhere along that way lawyers are involved in that wording. :grinning:

It’s all new (for Roblox anyway), we just have to stick together. I looked through the 17+ section and every game that exist fit on one page. :joy: including mine Shopping Maw [17+]
This is what happens when you are on the cutting edge of company changes, but being there first does have it perks later on. So think of it as more of time investment for the future of your game. :wink:

I agree that 17+ experiences should be able to be sponsored, as this age group is already capable of receiving advertisements. By letting developers go through the sponsorship process and then giving them an error that essentially says “you aren’t allowed to sponsor 17+ experiences”, Roblox certainly is wasting their time. Maybe take away the sponsor option from experiences with a 17+ rating?

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