Can't take a group-owned plugin off sale?

I recently created a plugin and accidentally uploaded it to a group I own instead of under my account. In the upload window in Studio I was able to make it visible on the marketplace and I was able to set the price to 200 R$.

Now, the plugin is actively available under the group for the price of 200 R$.

Heres the issue: I don’t want this plugin to be purchaseable under my group, as I’m planning on uploading it to my own account instead and I don’t want people accidentally getting the wrong version.

So I go to the Configure Plugin page to try to take the plugin off sale… but I don’t see the Sales tab.

I was able to upload to my group and set a price in Roblox Studio but now I have no control whatsoever over sales…?

More info

Before this I was able to upload a plugin under my own account and price it, and I just checked now and I am still able to change the price and sales availability.

I checked another plugin I created a while ago uploaded under the same group and I can’t see the sales tab on that either.

Is this a website bug or some really strange logistics issue within Roblox?

Just override the plugin with a blank script, change the name of the plugin, and move on.

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Well, Roblox Support replied with a message asking about which experiences I have this issue in and if this is causing my game to crash.

Seems like this is the only option, unfortunately. Thank you.

This has been an issue for almost 2 years, with no update, sadly.

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