Can't test in studio

As I don’t have access to the platform feedback, I’ll be asking it here, this is second in line related.

I’ve turned my scripts off, but I keep getting the error here:

That is when testing in-studio. I have not tested in game yet. Is / has anybody experienced this as well? Thanks!

EDIT: In-game works, in-studio not.

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Not having access to a category isn’t really an excuse to miscategorise posts.

That aside, have you been able to reproduce this issue on any other games? Have you checked around Roblox Studio (such as your settings or the test tab) to see if anything looks out of place?

I’m sorry. Where shall I put it next time?


All settings look equal wth a game where it works, weird, but it is like thaT.

If you are certain that you’ve found a reproducible bug, it would go into the Platform Feedback category under one of the appropriate subcategories. I would say that #platform-feedback:studio-bugs is an appropriate location to place it since you’re apparently only experiencing this issue in Studio mode.

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Just to make @colbert2677’s post more clear, you have to follow the Post Approval Procedure that he outlined in his previous post, Rule 15.1, to post in categories you don’t have access to:

Make sure to read the pinned “About the _ Category” topic, from step 1, so that your topic is formatted correctly.