Can't this be considered offensive?

I’m posting this because apparently the filter isn’t syncing up with a game filter.

So, I was testing the filter, and I made this user called “Earthrape”.

The bad thing about that name was the “rape” part, and I have no idea how that got past the filter.

Maybe try syncing up the in-game filter and web filter and update them a bit frequently so stuff like this doesn’t happen?

I’ve seen players with names like TittyMaster as well

I have seen ISmokeWeedEveryday, got him banned. :swag:

I would much prefer for the filter to simply send the account/item to be moderated if something bad is detected instead of just blocking it. This allows making the filter more sensitive without it catching half of the english dictionary for supposedly bad words.

If they do make a username filter, it would be kinda hard to discern between “ilikegrapes” and “omgrapes”, and even then we don’t know if “omgrapes” is “omggrapes” but with an elision.

Filters are hard, man