Can't update studio or client on slow internet

I’m running on some really slow wifi (0.1 Mbps at best). When I start Roblox or studio it says updating for a while then gives an error of some sort.

This isn’t ideal for gameplay, but I’m a Dev who’s testing on the go and would appreciate it if Roblox downloaded/updated at any network speed.


This isn’t backed up by anything, but I think @Maximum_ADHD’s studio mod launcher prevents this behavior because the installer is custom. I could be wrong. As for player, I remember someone vague thread from late 2017 about how Roblox servers give up on serving you the update if you take too long to download it.

EDIT: I found the thread:

Heya! We are currently working on some improvements that should reduce the amount of data that needs to be downloaded on a client/studio update, which should help on a slower connection. Once that’s released, we can take another look and see how the process behaves at slower internet speeds.


Thank you!

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