Cant upload a video on here

the video is 1:44 long and 93mb and it gets about 50% of the way through uploading then says theres a problem


Upload it to youtube instead. Roblox isnt paying to host ur 93mb video on their servers :sweat_smile:


I am with @8b77c489320c4809aa5f I don’t think roblox can handle that video size on the forum. If the video size is 20mb-30mb it might work.

Well of course they can handle it but of course nobody wants to host that on their servers. Let google, a massive trillion dollar (market cap) company handle that

True. You can just make a youtube video of it and then post that youtube video on the forum so we dont have to download the file like you said lol.

i mean discord being worth less let me do it on a boosted server which is 69 dollars worth of boosts and i dont even have nitro lol idc what roblox wants to pay for if they dont want to they can just make it say the file is too big before trying for 3 mins

Yeah they really should fix that but yt or streamable is recommended

The DevForum only has a limit of 10MB.

I would recommend YouTube as a solution, but as I’ve recently found when creating a new channel over there, you now have to have ‘advanced features’ to upload more regularly etc, which sucks, which you might need if you’re uploading a lot of videos back and forth about a bug you’re experiencing for example (although, this is supposed to take months, it took about 5 days for this channel :joy:, maybe it’s because of the views I was receiving on it).

Instead, I’d recommend just putting it onto Google Drive, or if you’re fine with the video potentially disappearing after 21 days of nobody looking at it, use (no file limits whatsoever).

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