Cant upload ads

Hey devs, I have a problem, I cant upload an image look:

I tried changing the type of image size, But it doesnt work.

And the image is png.

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Idk if its the right topic but can you help?

Can you send the image here? Would help to see it.

@Faczki can you see it now? I sent you.

I think they want the image of the ad.

Yes, the image he tried to upload

Hello developer!

As i see you wanna upload an ad, for if you dont know robloz has image sizes which u can find in google “roblox ad image size”

There are three specific advertisement dimensions : skyscraper, banner, and rectangle.

Banner ads are 728 by 90 pixels,

skyscraper ads are 160 by 600 pixels, and

rectangle ads are 300 by 250 pixels.

You have to change the size to one of those. If you dont know how to change an image size you can go to paint or photoshop and change the image size there or just search on youtube how to do it. You said you changed the image size but i dont think to one of those sizes.

Hope this helped!!

  • Obevx

Thank you! It worked :100: :slight_smile: @Obevx
I hope you see my ad :slight_smile:

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