Can't upload new group games with "Publish to Roblox to…"

There is no option to upload a new game to a group with the new “Publish to Roblox to…” interface.

Update user game Create user game Update group game Create group game
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I first encountered this today when I noticed the interface was changed, in Studio version 0.421.0.385673.

Ideally I’d like features like this to go through Beta in cases like this, if I need to opt-out and use missing functionality.


Hey Peteyk,

This has been in and out of beta. This should be going back to beta and will be addressed. Thanks!


Don’t want to make a new post and this is the most recent one, I’m having the same issue / similar issue where when trying to use publish to roblox as and saving to a group, it only saves to my own games, trying to create a new game under a group.



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