Can't upload or publish games

I’ve also become affected by this issue. Last night I tried to push an update to the dev version of my game and noticed publish was failing. I then published to the test version and it worked twice before failing. It has not worked since then.

I too am having this issue - it started today as far as I know. For the past few days I have been saving fine then today came and this very issue occurred.

see here:


Only just started having this issue the now, forced to save on my backup drive. Restarted studio but no change. Saving the games does function but I am unsure about the reliability of it. image

Happens to me to. @Regal_Corgi I will send my logs when I get on my computer tomorrow

This bug was happening to me last night and I couldn’t publish my game. This morning I tried again and it said the same thing.

However when I checked the actual game I was trying to update it was actually published with all of the updates to my game.

Please try to spend a bit more effort looking around the forums in the future: (linked at specific post explaining how to send log files)


Started happening to me as well. At first it would happen occasionally, but now it happens every time and it’s impossible for me to save/publish.

It started happening to me yesterday and its still doing it today, my friend and I made a lot of work and we don’t want to lose all of the work we did so we just have to stay in studio the whole day until it starts working again.

Best bet at the moment is to just save it as a file, work on more things then overload the file whenever you make changes.

I downloaded a copy of the place, I think that should do so for now because I think I completely lost trust with the save and publish function.

I cannot “publish” from my internet connection for some reason. Using a VPN I can using the same internet connection, in fact it is the only way I can publish currently. There may be a bad internet route between your ISP and Roblox servers, so try using a VPN if it fails as it will force Roblox Studio to use a different route for the upload.

I have also been experiencing the same issue for the last 10 days. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Roblox. I also tried with a VPN but the same errors shows up in Output.


This started happening randomly so I can’t publish/develop any game at the moment, hope roblox staff will check it out in future.


There are multiple reasons why a publish can fail. I still cannot publish unless I use a VPN so there is some lingering network issue going on with the Roblox cloud.

If your place is too big or has other issues its also possible it will fail to save/publish then too. In that case you could try saving/publishing a small place and see if that works, and if it does maybe try to see if there are any errors in the one you cannot publish. There really should be better error explanations for why a publish fails.

I also tried different places and even different accounts, and the same message appears.

This is now happening to me. Does anyone have a workaround or a fix?


In addition to not being able to publish and save games & files, I also can’t disable Team Create.


Actually I once dealt with this problem before and reinstalling the studio worked for me. I don’t know if anyone with this problem has tried it though.

Just reinstalled it, nothing will remedy the situation I’m stuck and unable to publish/overwrite any games.

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So now im getting the same error.

The weird thing is that I have no upload icon and there is a upload icon. I think something is wrong and I reinstalled roblox studio by removing all of the files. It didn’t work.