Can't upload or publish games

I’ve tested this on every single one of my games and I can’t get any of the games to save or publish. Every time I click save or publish it just sits there for a long time not allowing me to click on any “File” options like it normally does while performing one of these actions, then after a it says “Save failed.” or “Upload failed.”

The “Save failed” in the output section is from an earlier test, after recording this is then said “Save failed” once again.


It’s a clear baseplate, it has nothing on it and as I stated after it finishes it says an error.


It’s shown in the video in my post. Look in output.

well when i see in the video it don’t say error in output

It says save failed. Please actually look at the post before responding.


I can’t seem to reproduce this bug. Perhaps it is bad internet connection? Or your device in general? I have only experienced errors when i had terrible internet.

I don’t have terrible internet at the moment, considering everything is working perfectly fine, roblox studio is working perfectly fine as well other than the upload and publish issue I’m currently experiencing.


I’m having the same exact issue. It seems to save and publish for me, but it refuses to say it’s completed and actually close studio. But it still says it’s failed. So you’re not the only one experiencing this, it started randomly today, every game, new or old.


Glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing this! I’ve came across this several times over the last week or so.

I’ve been unable to get a repro for this as it seems to have at random for me about twice per day; or about 10% of the time. Once it does happen though, I have to locally Save To File since saving and publishing to the cloud don’t work, and then reopen Studio to upload. Saving/publishing does work again after restarting Studio.

I’m on a Macbook Pro running the latest versions of MacOS and Studio.

@ others in this topic, make sure to post your computer specs and include everything else listed here:


replying to my post here. I seemed to just have saved just fine, this once atleast. It seems to be working for me a good 5% of the time at the most.

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I’m also getting the same situation/issue, i’m not able to publish my game (“Failed to publish. Please try again later.”), and receiving clothing templates when publishing a game, it is not showing the game icon during the publish, but a random clothing template and attempts to create a bunch of studio baseplates in your develop page…

You can’t publish that , because you say that it’s clear baseplate . And you didn’t made changes to your game so it have nothing to change and publish . You need just add something or you can make a brick trasparent and can collide if you want nothing to change .

I meant one of the games I tested it on had nothing, on other games I tested they had tons of stuff. Still didn’t work.

I’m currently having the same issue with my game, but no ideas what cause the problem :confused:


It’s most likely a poor connection or an issue in the studio files. You can reinstall Studio, and check if it works.
Hopefully I helped!

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I’m having the same issue now. Tried twice and it failed both times.


There was a huge minute or two delay and nothing froze during that time. First time was using ALT + P and the second time clicking the ‘Publish to Roblox’ button under file.

Steps that I took to [reproduce] this:

  1. Open a place.
  2. Attempt to either save or publish the game. It is reproducible on both ends.
  3. You will notice a huge delay and then a ‘publish/save failed’ error. It may take a couple minutes.


OS: Windows 10 Home
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Memory: 16.0 GB


Hopefully gets fixed very soon as I am unable to push any updates to my game.

Possibly related: I did attempt to publish a package earlier and received an error. I completely forgot what the error code was so that might not be much help. After that it requires me to spam the overwrite plugin button when saving to one that already exists to publish it.

EDIT 5/30/2020, one day later:

Last night after I waited hours in the same studio window I noticed it actually published properly.
This morning it has occurred again so I have just sent log files.


I’m having the same problem. However, it actually seems to publish correctly for me, it’s just that Studio for some reason thinks it has failed

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This also happens to me but only 50% of the time. I’d press Publish to Roblox and clicked the close button and get the prompt to wait until the game finishes publishing. After waiting about a minute i get another prompt saying the Publish failed.

Update - Seems to happen all the time now

My Specs (according to my settings idk):

OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz
GPU: Intel® UHD Graphics 620
Memory: 8.0GB

This behaviour started roughly 2 weeks ago.


I’m having the same problem. Im on a Macbook Pro. I press save, then it says wait for studio to save. The only way I’m able to save my game, is wait a bit, and then press cancel on the “do you want to save?” screen.


Can those affected by this please send me their logs?