Can't Upload Roblox Trailer to the game

I can’t seem to upload my Roblox Trailer into my game thumbnail… It just shows this instead:

I was wondering if someone could help me figure this out, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with the video, or its youtube settings preventing anyone from seeing it. I have tried reposting the video in a different format but nothing seemed to help, I am now stuck in this page for hours and it still doesn’t show up in the thumbnail, I am not sure if this is some type of moderation action on the video whatsoever there is nothing wrong with it.

Game link: 🏨 Work at a Hotel! 🏨 | Waypoint Hotels - Roblox
Video link: - YouTube

I hope that someone can help me figure this out because I am in desperate need of posting the trailer for my community.

Update: Apparently I am able to see the video in my game thumbnail on the Roblox mobile App on IOS, although I have tried seeing it on 3 different browsers but it doesn’t seem able to be showing for any PC users.

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it’s possible that your browser might not be able to watch it. did you save it because i dont see it on your game

I did save it, I literally just went on mobile and it shows for mobile users but not for PC users…

I’ve tried on 3 different browsers on PC.