Cant upload UGC assets

I try to upload an asset it loads then the window will just be blank and I get these errors

builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Packages._Index.roblox_rodux.rodux.Store:13: Received error: Caught error flushing store updates

builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Packages._Index.roblox_rodux.rodux.NoYield:28: builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Core.Components.AssetConfiguration.CatalogTags.TagsComponent:89: attempt to index nil with ‘networkInterface’
builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Core.Components.AssetConfiguration.CatalogTags.TagsComponent:89 function init
builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Packages._Index.DeveloperFramework.DeveloperFramework.UI.ContextServices.withContext:26 function init
builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Packages._Index.Roact.Roact.Component:325 function __mount

Expected behavior

To continue to the upload screen.


I’m having the same issue when uploading

Hello! Thanks for the report.

I’m looking into this issue now and have reverted a change that’s likely to be related. I’m working to confirm this on my end now. When you have the chance, could you try to upload a UGC asset on your end to confirm if everything works as normal?


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Awesome thanks its working now.


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