Can't use commands

Hey everyone!
I’ve been playing Roblox for a really long time but I just learnt that there are already commands into a game? Well I can’t access to them. Every time I type ;commands, ;cmds, :commands or :cmds nothing happens and I don’t understand the problem…

Thanks! DJ

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Are you talking about “/?”, or admin commands?

If someone told you there’s admin commands, they’re lying. There are basic chat commands like /block and /mute, however.

The commands aren’t in-built, they are scripted features that developers implement.


They’re not part of Roblox, they’re part of freemodel admin systems.

You need to import them to use the commands they have. You could also make your own.

This is not from roblox, it’s a script that other player make.
If you want in your game open Toolbox and search “Admin”

Like @SamsAltAcc0unt said, these are custom admin models.

However, there is certainly chat commands, some of which are secret which let’s you dance, see Roblox’s chat version, clears Roblox’s chat etc

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