Can't vote on a type-restricted poll

Probably out of your control but may as well check here.

I can’t vote on this specific type-restricted poll, even though I’m a member of one of those groups (Programmer).

Test poll:

  • y
  • n

0 voters

I can vote on this one.

You have to be a member of all the groups in order for you to be able to post there. Of course, you’re not a sage and a community champion, so you cannot vote.

I’m a programmer, which is one of the listed groups

Yes, but you have to be a member of all the groups in order to vote on that poll. Good luck becoming both a sage and a community champion lol

I don’t believe that to be true, there are 7 votes on that already.

How do you know? Can you link me the poll?

The restriction seems to be removed. Try reloading the page.

No, it’s because you are a builder

Then try joining the builders group.

WAIT. I just figured it out.

They put “Programmer” instead of “Programmers” with an s.

This doesn’t make any difference.

Do you know how restricted polls work?

You have to be a member of the group in order to vote.

The “Programmer” without an S group doesn’t exist.

Hence I couldn’t vote.

I do, otherwise I wouldn’t be here in order to help you?

Then what is this


In order to add a group, you don’t type the name of the group, but you search it.


Well, how come I can’t vote then…

I will tell it one last time, just check out this

But, you can vote, can’t you? You aren’t a Sage.

As I said, have you tried reloading the page?

Yes, I have, it still shows that,