Can't walk through mesh building

I’m having an issue with my mesh building, I made the exterior in blender where the stair parts are made up of a boolean, after applying the necessary modifiers and then importing it to Roblox, I converted their collision fidelity to PreciseConvexDecomposition but I still can’t go through it since theres an invisible wall. Is there a way to make it so you can go through the stairway without being blocked off by an invisible barrier, and without having to set the mesh-part to can-collide off and making invisible parts in it?

In the model below, theres a door on the tan colored mesh, I can go through that just fine.

But when I try to go down these set of stairs, it seems to be blocked off by the brown mesh part.


Here’s a seperated blender model of it.


Are you trying to do this?


Yes, more specifically on the CollisionFidelity which I have set to Precise, but the problem still occurs.


You can try to use Mesh Optimization Tools - Roblox, which is made by Clonetrooper1019 (now known as Maximum_ADHD) to show the Decomposition Geometry.

One thing you can do to sort of fix this would be to split the meshes horizontally, with the levels being in separate meshes. (Sorry if this sounds confusing, I’m not the best in describing this).


Update: After importing this specific mesh individually, I have been able to go through it now. I think it’s an issue when importing large scale/high tris count models from blender, so I’d suggest importing individually if anyone experiences the same issue
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To upload individually:

Export as FBX

Select options:


I’m currently experimenting other options to fix this problem, I kind of got lucky but I’ll try this out and see if it’s consistent. Thank you!!!


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