Can't zoom & rotate camera at the same time anymore

Hold right click and keep looking around while you scroll the mousewheel in/out, and it will release the right click for you.

Started happening today. Can anyone else confirm? I’m on windows 7 and I’m just testing random places for this.

Edit: got confirmation in another random place

I can confirm, noticed this while playing HEX and then checked it again elsewhere. Definitely an issue.

I don’t know if this is still a thing, but zooming in + holding shift doesn’t work

Admins noticed this as a bug and were going to fix it in between the time the lua controls were reverted back. Looks like the fix didn’t make it in yet.

Thank you for reporting this. It looks to be a regression from a change that went out with last nights update. We know what the issue is and are working on a fix for it.