Canvas Group's Bugs and issues (And unreasonable limitations)

I’m making this post because i have been experiencing some pretty serious issues while using canvas groups (primarily within surface gui’s).

One of those issues causes canvas groups to slow down insanely hard when used with more complex UI elements in high quantities within scrolling frames. Here’s an example video of this effect in action:

Not only the Scrolling frame slows down by a lot, but every UI element within the scrolling frame (and outside) start blanking out randomly, rendering the usage of canvas groups almost impossible. This effect will also trigger with less instances on lower client graphical presets.

I believe this sort of issue also ties into the fact that canvas groups are set within some insanely unreasonable memory constraints that often cause most canvas group ui elements to break entirely, again, rendering most ui elements unusable at all. Right now the only way developers (such as myself) can create higher quality, more detailed and overall more complex ui elements is WITH canvas groups witch again, often keep breaking regardless.

As expected, other issues would have to be canvas groups blanking out randomly. Sometimes they may even blank out only 50%. Example:

And this is how it should NORMALY look like:

As it can be seen, canvas groups very early on start blanking out ui elements on lower graphical settings. Sometimes said blanking only happens 50% of the way in some ui elements (as seen in the title), making canvas groups again, unusable at all. Here is a extreme (yet common) example of this:

Said title is supposed to display “Dragon Ball Adventures” on this image, and totally NOT just “Dr”. You can also see how almost all UI elements are blanked out. Another interesting effect is with the small menu that surrounds the 5 UI elements to the left. That menu is actually properly scaled to fit those elements, however for some reason only a previous state will be rendered. I can 100% Assure you that this is not a programming issue on my part as yet again, this only happens whenever canvas groups are hitting the arbitrary memory limitation.

Another issue is the fact that canvas groups will break entirely when nested within 4 other canvas groups. The fifth in said nest (and past) will no longer update at all and just blank out on reloading. Example:

Another issue (that is somewhat tied to said limitations) would have to be how low resolution it can make UI elements when said UI elements are loaded in the game for the first time on a low graphical preset, Example:

As you can see, the Text itself becomes almost unreadable along with everything else becoming overall insanely low resolution and blurry. (This is not included in the repo)

Here is a Repo file that can be used to replicate almost all of these effects:
CanvasGroups Issues.rbxl (70.7 KB)

Again, I wish for all of these issues to be resolved (along with the unreasonable limitations) as they are not only limiting but also make the usage of canvas groups overall inconsistent and unreliable.

PC Specs:

  • i3 12100 CPU
  • 32 GB DDR5 6000 MHz Ram
  • GTX 1660 Super GPU

We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information!

Thanks for the report!