CanvasGroup Beta: Group Transparency on UI Groups

Do we have any information as to when this will be released publicly yet? :slight_smile:


When is this going to be out of beta, my game uses that but it breaks in the normal game.


Can we please have this released? Right now my UI transitions look like garbage since this isn’t out.


Would be very useful to have this feature maybe released during this week


Hi developers, we are still addressing 1-2 left over issues for this feature, and currently the release is planned around two weeks later.


Dear developers, we are planning on turning on a performance restriction for this feature around this week, and you might encounter behavior difference when you are on different graphics level. For example, if you are on low graphics quality level (client level 3- or studio editing level 6-), you might see display result downscaled as well as animations getting throttled if you are using a lot of CanvasGroup instances.
If you encounter any issues/feedbacks with the graphics quality level changes, feel free to post in this thread. Thanks!


Sorry to sound rude or needy! When will this feature release? My game is dependant on this feature since changing values for each UI object line by line is inefficient.


can the performance restrictions be toggle(able)?
im not in pc right now although im using okish laptop and the canvas group rendering is horrendous…

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Mine is all pixelated nothing is understandable, it’s pretty annoying since I had everything made using a CanvasGroup beforehand.

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Do you mind sharing the configuration of your studio? Specifically the canvas group size and Studio Settings -Rendering - Editing Quality Level. It will be the look of the canvas when the device is of very low processing power, while we should still be able to change the sizing limit of texture according to more pressure test.
You should be able to see better result when you increase the editing quality level, and if you are testing with play solo, you would also need to manually bump your graphics quality settings through the in-game menu.

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I set my Editing Quality to 10, but does it resolve when I set it to Automatic? Cause I don’t want to set it really to Level 21

It looks blurry after I updated and got into the studio. But it only happens in studio, even on play mode.

Does this have any functionality to prevent redrawing the GUI if nothing changed inside of it? Is that on the roadmap?

I was hoping to use this to create a heatmap (requires rendering many pixels – the more the better) which you can pan around. However, it doesn’t seem to have any performance benefit beyond what a normal Frame would offer.

I’m not sure if I’m misusing it or if there is currently no caching of the contents.

Another feature request that I would make is to be able to specify a “CanvasSize”, which would fix the number of pixels this CanvasGroup is drawn with. That way, if the user zooms in on my heatmap, I could do a smooth zoom without worrying about the CanvasGroup redrawing every single frame.


What is the (absolute)size of the canvas group you are using? We have received some complaints about lower level quality setting is too low for basic usage and have made changes to improve. It would get deployed next week.


Hey! So I’m not sure if this is fully CanvasGroup issue but I’m gonna post anyways. Basically I have a canvas group with a UICorner inside it. I then have multiple TextButtons within the CanvasGroup. The issue is, is that some buttons work when I click them and some don’t. It seems to occur near to the bottom of the canvas group though which is really weird. Idk if it’s conflicting with UICorner or what but it’s kinda frustrating as you can imagine aha.

it’s been 3 weeks since, is this going to be released soon?

I have features that work with CanvasGroup but if this isn’t going to be released soon I’ll have to make a work around

it would be nice to know since I don’t have a lot of time and I’m releasing my game very soon later this week

any closer to being released? the only thing holding my game back from going live is this feature

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it guess it never release :sob: very sad.

You shouldn’t have developed a game with a beta feature that has no specified release date. This was your error.

Do we have any update on when this is being released? :smiley: