GUI is blurry in Studio when and it makes it pain to work with

I have no idea what causes this, is there anyone knows what this is and could help out?

Can you separate the UI into it’s own place file and upload it here? It seems really weird, especially since there’s normal, crisp, un-blurred UI right next to it.

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are you using canvasgroups?, I’m pretty sure this is a bug with them

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Come to think of it, it probably is an issue with canvasgroups, yeah

Is it possible that Studio is trying to stop itself from causing an OOM error? What’s your graphics memory?

Check this out:

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Basically, whenever I load a menu tab, I load it into a fullscreen GroupCanvas, so that I can have more control over its appearance, which is probably why it has to load gradually when testing in Studio

Thanks for the references!

We highly recommend you only put important sub-areas into canvas group instead of always load in a fullscreen one. While we have made new changes to the CanvasGroup for it to work better on low resolutions. We will turn on the change early next week and feel free to follow up with me when we turn on the change. Thanks!


Does this change allow for multiple canvas groups usage without much resolution loss? I have a scrollinggui for my inventory and i rotated the gui items inside for design purposes. Because rotated objects dont clip i have put each one inside a separate canvas and it worked, but when i tested emulating a smartphone the image was blurred. I later tested on my actual phone and the blurr wasn’t noticeable, even on the lowest graphics level, but I’m afraid it will for some low-end devices.

I kinda see it very funny in the situation when someone with low-end machine sees this messed up UI just because he ran out of VRAM :crazy_face: