CanvasGroup doesn't properly clip rotated descendants when fully clipped by parent

When a CanvasGroup is fully clipped by its parent that has ClipDescendants set to true, its rotated descendants won’t clip. This is what it looks like in a live game:

In the video, as soon as the CanvasGroup object is fully clipped, the rotated frame underneath it is no longer clipped. This wasn’t an issue until recently.

This only occurs in live games and not in studio from what I’ve seen. Maybe I’m not seeing the bug in studio because I have the flexbox beta enabled? You can find a reproduction of the bug here:

Reproduction Place: CanvasGroupRepro - Roblox
Reproduction Model: CanvasGroupRepro.rbxm (9.2 KB).


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

Does this happen recently? we enabled a feature recently that right now is only available in desktop clients, we can double check if turning off the feature fix the issue. Thanks

I’m not sure when the issue started, but I first experienced it today. None of my players have reported the issue yet.

Hi, we have turned off the feature that might cause this issue, do you mind double check if it is still happening for your place? Thanks

With the feature turned off, the issue is no longer occurring in my place.

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