Can/will this game profit with my current budget?

I have recently finished creating this game (going to update it in the future, but it is completely playable).

In this game, each round, a player is selected to be a builder.
The builder chooses a word to build, and everyone else will try guessing what the builder is making.

Winning a round gives coins.
Coins can buy new materials and colors to use when building.
Revenue will (hopefully) come from buying coins and 2 gamepasses (VIP and Double Coins).

Currently I have 14k robux, and about 50k in limiteds (if I sold all it would be another 35k, but I am not too sure if I want to do that…).

So I have a few questions…
Does this game even have potential for profit?
How much should I invest? How often, and how much at a time?
What advertisement method do you suggest, and what is a good CTR on ads/sponsors?
Any tips?

Link to the game:

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Sorry if this is off-topic but are you sure that this is the right category?

Oh i am sorry, I was convinced I was writing in Game design support.
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ahh i dont think it would be success i think you may get hardly 1k its like childish maybe if you reduce the gamepass price then ig

Roblox has countless childish games. Some of the most popular are “cartoony” and “childish”. Which is logical since roblox is a kid’s game to a big extent…


The game idea is cool after playing it with a random guy. I think it has the potential but I dont know if it will get to its full potential or be crushed by all the big Roblox games. It’s hard to say with new Roblox games they may get an average of 100+ players or maybe get to the thousands for a month. If it were me putting a low amount of Robux on ads (From experience with groups anything above 75% CTR is good) and see how it goes.

Game feedback: You may want to add more color blocks or have words that would be easily made with the words you can choose. I had the word Milk and had no idea how to do that with white, blue, red etc blocks.


Alright! Thanks for the tips. And I assume you mean 0.75% CTR (else my test ads are truly horrible) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I am aware of the lack of colors thing, may have to balance it a bit better. But not having the best colors at the start will give the player a reason to grind for the unlockable colors…

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I’d recommend using 1-2k on advertisements, also if you want people to play your game, you must find a good picture! Overall I believe this game will become popular.

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I have tried with about 1k so far, using different kinds of ads, but It got me max 3 players at once… the problem is that with this little, someone joins here and there but leaves within about 30 seconds because there have to be atleast 2 players to start the game.
Here are the pictures I have planned for ads, any thoughts? The right one got a CTR of 0.78% and the left one just 0.59% :confused:.

I also tried this kind of meme ad since I saw a lot of people use this kind of clickbait ads, and it somehow got 0.92% CTR… It’s kinda sad that this kind of clickbait is more popular than sincere ads showing the games…

And thank you for your optimism!

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Maybe you could make a little practice mode/area so that if one player joins, they can go into the practice area and get a random prompt and practice building for it.

(That way they have something to do while they wait for people to join)

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That is brilliant! Thank you a so much :smiley:

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Good luck! I see big potential on this game!

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Sorry to bump this, but I was wondering, how did it go? If you don’t mind sharing, did it end up profitable?

Not really. Haven’t advertised much since then. After about 1k visits it hasen’t made a single sale :confused:.