Cap the amount of funds that can be put into ads

Let’s just get right to the point here: Harambe Tycoon shouldn’t have gotten the amount of players it did. Whether it be through clickbait, or through just throwing money at it, it was far more popular than it should have been.

After a discussion about it, I believe it’s time that this sort of issue be addressed.

There were many, many ads for that game running around today. This is a product of (presumably) a lot of money being thrown into the ad.

I’m proposing we cap the amount of money that can be put into ads. Whether it be per game or per each ad, it’s a bit ridiculous that if someone has several million robux and pours it into a game, whether it be good or bad, that game will be basically all anyone can see. Not only does this ensure that (potentially) bad games get a lot of publicity as long as the developer is wealthy (notably, there are many ways to make money in ROBLOX), it prevents small-scale developers from being able to properly advertise their games.

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I dont think they should be capped, yes you’ll be limiting the exposure of click bait ads but you’ll also be limiting advertisements of good games too. The real world doesn’t have a cap, roblox shouldn’t either.

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Depending on where you live, there are actually caps in place for fair competition. In my country companies aren’t allowed to merge if the resulting company would get too much influence. I think this is actually the case for a lot of European countries (although I couldn’t find any solid information on it). Roblox’s economy and the real world economy also aren’t the same even though they share a lot of similarities. Advertisements on Roblox are global and not done by a company. As long as you put enough money into advertising on Roblox your ads can appear on literally every page which allow ads. In the real world you’d have to contact every single advertisement company in existence to have the same thing happen, which will never happen (hopefully).

I wouldn’t mind a limit on how much money you can put into ads, but I think there’s a better alternative: the more money you put into ads, the less effect those additional robux would have, so investing 5k robux on ads at once would be less effective than putting 1k robux into ads 5 days in a row since those lower bids will get more displays per robux. That way your ads will still appear more often if you put a lot of money into them but it will also give people with less funds the chance to highlight their games.


if someone has enough money to want to do this, they should be allowed to as long as the ad isn’t violating rules. ads run for 1 day. if they want to dump a ton of R$ into advertisements for 1 day then so be it. this issue i see just sounds like the quality of the game wasn’t good enough (which is a different discussion), which i disagree with being an issue. if the community found it entertaining then let them be entertained by it as long as it isnt violating rules. the category is popular for a reason, meaning the games people are most enjoying right now. harambe is an internet meme of course people are gonna play that game regardless of how bad it may or may not be.

It’s just a matter of ROBLOX having a more strict TOS on ads.I find it stupid you could just sponser a game which is completely clickbait whilst you cannot run ads if it’s clickbait (most of the time). Something should be done to prevent that.


ROBLOX is a free market, I do not believe in this idea of yours being a feature and more like a limit to my and others chances of success. If I have a million robucks to spend on ads then let me.

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This is one of those ‘treat the symptoms rather than the cause’ solutions I think, which is not the preferred way to go about it.